This is one of the most challenging aspects of travels as both group needs and individual satisfaction have to be taken into account. Through years of arranging group travel, it has become second nature to us. Detailed, advanced planning by our team ensures glitch-free holidays.


We arrange charters to leading destinations in South India. Through our network and the preferred status we enjoy with leading hotels, we ensure the availability of mass bookings on choice destinations. Transport facilities are arranged and onward/connecting bookings managed. Every aspect is managed with consummate expertise so that the traveler has nothing to worry about during his vacation.


We make time on land as memorable as moments at sea, for cruise travelers. Depending on the time available at South Indian ports we arrange hours-long, day long or overnight stays for them. Through these on-shore tours, we strive to give our cruise travelers a comprehensive yet qualitative feel of the areas they visit. Time schedules are managed with clockwork precision to ensure that every minute is employed well and ship schedules are adhered to.

Some of the liners we handle include Prinsendam Ship : 400 Pax * Radisson Seven Sea Voyager : 600 Pax * QE - II

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