One State, Many Worlds


The moment one thinks of the South India Tour, it’s theheritage and ancient temples that come to mind, which is true to some extent.However, Karnataka has much more to offer when it comes to visiting the statefor the first time. Travelers from across the globe visit Karnataka to explorethe glorious sights, amazing history, astonishing craftsmanship in the form ofcarvings in ancient temples and monuments, wildlife, adventure, and a lot more.Tours in Karnataka have always been the most sought after by all the segmentsof travelers.

Karnataka has been ruled by various dynasties like Maurya,Hoysala, Vijayanagara, and Chalukya, the list is endless and all these empireshave left behind a rich heritage and history. The legacy in the form oftemples, monuments, palaces, and forts with awestruck architecture tellsthousands of stories. The majestic forts in Karnataka, ruins of some issomething one must plan to visit whenever possible. The ruins of these fortsrepresent grandeur and splendor in all forms. The forts and their stories aresurely going to amaze you.

Coastal Karnataka is bestowed with sandy beaches, lushgreenery, lively culture, magnificent temples, and delicious cuisine. If youare looking for a much-needed break from the hustle-bustle of daily life, thetowns in coastal Karnataka will never disappoint you. Here is a list of themost sought-after destinations that you must visit during your next trip toKarnataka. An ideal road trip will take you through these cities, offering youa vacation like no other.

Karnataka is home to a rich and vibrant collection of artforms. While most of them, rooted in the local folklore and customs, portrays acombination of percussion, dance, and drama, some others even showcase elementsof mysticism. These ethnic art forms are performed during particular seasonsand not always throughout the year, hence plan your travels accordingly if youwant to experience them. Curated below is an elaborate list of Karnataka’s artforms that will help inform you better about these Karnataka cultureexperiences.

Pilgrimage can be extremely religious for some, while anexploration of spirituality for others. Both are perfectly well intentionedmindsets to take in a holy place. Karnataka, having been under the reign ofdifferent dynasties, and over the years growing into a predominantly secularstate, has welcomed the influence of different religions and ways of life. Thestate is home to monuments with the Buddhist inscriptions, carvings of Jaintirthankaras, and Arabic text, towering cathedrals and quaint churches, cavetemples and seaside shrines, as well as mosques and dargahs. While you are freeto choose what you want to experience, an exploration of different beliefs issure to give you a unique understanding of the history and culture of theplace. Hence we have curated a collection of pilgrimage destinations fromdifferent belief systems, spread across the length and breadth of the statethat gives you a glimpse into its plurality and rich heritage.

While all of India is filled with stunning places to visit,Karnataka is one of the few states that has to offer it all. From the land ofroyal heritage and magnificent buildings in Mysore to the undiscovered,stunning beaches of Gokarna and the fast paced yet dreamy metropolitan life inBengaluru, Karnataka boasts of having something in store for each visitor,which is why it’s rightfully described as “One state, many worlds.”When itcomes to hill stations, Karnataka offers some of the best and beautiful hillretreats in the country. The state boasts picturesque hilly retreats that are aparadise for nature lovers, wildlife explorers and adventure seekers.

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