A Day in the Backwaters

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A Day in the Backwaters

In the Morning, proceed for the Village Walk, the first stage commence by walking through the man made country side foot paths by the side of narrow canals for 15-20 minutes and reach a junction called "Cherunkal". On the way you can see many houses of old and different types. Your walking will be through and by the side of fish farms rearing prawns and by the side of greeny lush paddy fields. On walking you can experience bird watching of different types of water birds and other birds and their chirpings etc.

The second phase of the Village continues from Cherunkal on bicycles, move on to the next point called Vellathode and reach there within 20 minutes. On the way you can enjoy the glorious greenery of the village and its serenity and beauty. At the end of the cycling you reach at a village market where all kinds of local fishes and vegetables are put for sale. In and around this market, you can have the taste of local foods from the local tea shops of the village.

The market is by the side of backwaters and a boat will be waiting for you for the cruise. A sweet - nature's gift- tender coconut will be served inside the boat as a welcome drink. You can enjoy the same and relax. The cruise will be in a non mechanized country boat which is pulled manually. This journey will take two hours and will take you to the next village called 'Thazhuppu'. There you can relax and enjoy by watching birds and aquatic life, green country side, swaying palm trees and people waving from the banks of the back waters. Finally you will be dropped to the same point where you board the boat.

Very interesting time to watch the life, tradition, culture and the relations among the members of Kerala family and with them you can taste and experience the typical Nasarani food ( appam & duck curry).

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