Revival Arts in Villages - Day Excursion

Day Excursion Duration - 8 Hours  |   Location - Around Bangalore   |   Timing - Closed on Monday   |   Driving - 4 Hours

Get an artisitic introduction of Karnataka….

Head to the Dance village of Nrityagram founded by the reputed Odissa dancer Protima Gauri Bedi.

Get an introduction to the Classical Danse form during an Orientation tour. In its initial years, the village was home to dance form such as Kathak, Mohiniattam and Odissi gurukuls, and its vision aspired to encompass other classical dance with the canonical principles of Odissi.

Nrityagram is modelled on the guru-shishya parampara, in which students and teachers learn and live with each other, co-existing in a mutually symbiotic environment and within and beyond the studio. The dancers use physical practices like yoga, ballet, pilates and kalarippayattu to cross-train and develop strength, flexibility and an enhanced understanding of the body.

Follow your artistic immersion with a visit of the Eco-Resort Our Native Village and experience the old village life. Here you can witness reviving practices, activities, rituals and games from the Indian village. Reviving interest in forms of Indian art through wall murals, culture called Veerakallus (Hero stones), herbal medicinal plants, sustainable living through eco and sustainable practices, etc…

Try some Authentic Karnataka cuisines during a lunch at the in-house earthly restaurant with homegrown ingredients. Giddy up on a Bullock cart and learn how to get creative with a pottery demonstration. Try your hand on cow milking and later play with some Village games (Kite flying, Gilli danda, Lagori etc.)

  • Transportation by car
  • Orientation tour at Nrityagram
  • Activities as per description at Our Nature Village resort
  • Welcome drink, a lunch, evening tea with a snacks
  • All Taxes