Potter's Trail - Day Excursion

Day Excursion Duration - 4 Hours  |   Location - Madurai   |   Timing - 07.30 AM to 11.30 AM / 02.30 PM to 06.30 PM   |  Conveyance - Air-conditioned coach

At first, God created man in his image, and now, men create Gods in their mould. Join us on a visit a Potter’s village, and watch mud go from the mundane to the sublime. See how a whole village has hit pay dirt and listen to stories of creators – both mortal and immortal.

At first glance, it is the archetypal Indian village – sun burned and sleepy. But walk in, and you can’t help but spot the dolls, of all sizes and in various stages of making.

That’s when you realise that this village plays host to many Gods, all made of clay.Watch simple villagers turn creators as their hands fashion mud dolls, stand amazed at their dexterity as they gently pack hundreds of dolls into a fire to bake them and observe their skill as they wield paint brushes to bring a blush on an earthen cheek.

Soil your hands a bit and get regaled with stories of people, priests, Gods and sundry powers that be. Why are earthen horses offered to Gods here? Do men become Gods sometimes? And do Gods act like common people on and off?

And when you’ve had enough of the mud, soak in the peace and calm by a lotus pool that has seen men come and go. The stories connected to this place run the gamut of mythology, fantasy, history and tradition, and each one adds a new facet to one’s notion of Madurai.