French Connections Trail - Day Excursion

Day Excursion Duration - 2.5 Hours  |   Location - Pondicherry   |   Timing - 07.00 AM to 09.30 AM / 04.00 PM to 06.30 PM   |  Conveyance - By foot

Pondicherry is so much more than just a pretty town by the sea. Storytrails invites you to discover this little piece of France left behind in India. Seeped in culture and heritage, every building, every corner tells a story. Join us on a ramble around the French quarter of the town, soaking in the sights and listening to incredible tales that bring this place to life.

Pondicherry’s colonial past comes alive as we take you through its quaint boulevards and sleepy streets.

Quirky twists of history and unforgettable characters are just some of the things you will hear about. A general bravely fighting a battle when the war itself was over.Revolutionaries hiding from the law.Free-flowing liquor that glued everything together. All this is a part of Pondicherry’s lively past.

Behind every charming façade, you’ll find incredible stories. Did you know that the Romans were in Pondicherry as early as the 2nd century AD? Or that milk, Pondicherry and Saigon are all mysteriously connected?

We’ll explore the architecture and the ironies, the contradictions and the culture, the things Pondicherry did right and many things that didn’t work out. Surrounded by the British in India, the French here were gritty, stubborn and refused to disappear.

Join Storytrails as we take you on a walk around the French Quarter of the town, telling tales of kings and commoners, poets and villains, all of whom wove their way into the fabric of Pondicherry.