Fort Kochi Ethnic tour - Day Excursion

Day Excursion Duration - 3.5 Hours  |   Location - Fort Kochi

Explore and Experience Real life of Cochin

When the waters of Periyar swallowed Kodungalloor port, it has paved way for rise of a new culture-Cochin. Kochi is not just a harbor but store house of several cultures, traditions and epics.
Let us take you to the land where the cultures of Arabian, Chinese, Portuguese and British mingles. We can start our journey in the morning to see the Chinese fishing nets. History says that the Chinese Explorer Zhang He has introduced the Chinese nets in Kochi that were brought from the court of Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. Fishermen catching fish in an entirely different method from the land is a spectacular sight.

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Not more than 15 minutes to spend on nets, we slowly moves on to the steam boilers which once stood as a symbol of dignity. It was used until late 1970s in Cochin Dry Dock, which is a narrow basin that can be flooded or drained for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships.

We leave the steam boiler spending sufficient time there to the Fort Immanuel. The broken bricks of the Fort Immanuel and the lonely rusty cannon in the bastion whisper stories of the busted Portuguese power. Listen to them through your hearts. Later we will discover the St Francis Church where Vasco d gamma’s soul rests. Isn’t it really amazing to see the pankas (cloth fans) inside which was operated manually still continues to be human dependant?

Fort Kochi Ethnic tour Marvel Tours Packages

From the St Francis church a Tuk Tuk leads you to the almost extinct Dhobi Khana. It’s an amazing community-based activity. Originally, the Dutch established the laundry station to cater to the soldier uniforms. Our next destination is the Indian fruit market. Spending five minutes there will never be a loss as it is always better to be with locals to know the beats of the city. See how well a market functions, its rhythm, even in between the noises of bargains. Then we slowly stroll in the Mattanchery Streets where you could pick bits and pieces of history.

Feel yourself the particularity of a 1meter tea on a local street tea shop there. Sip a cup of tea and later we enter the Agraharams –Brahmin houses where the art of designing Kolams can be learned. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? Spend half an hour learning how to draw kolams. Have ever wondered why Indian women draw patterns on home entrances. It’s a little secret that you will discover from the Brahmins - the scholars of Vedic Literature…

Fort Kochi Ethnic tour Marvel Tours Packages

It has been noon and now it’s time to move on to the spice market. Be ready to smack your lips while you see the finest ginger, cloves, cardamom, turmeric and pepper.

Fort Kochi Ethnic tour Marvel Tours Packages

After the visit to the spice market, we meet a Konkan family of Goa origin whose ancestors have fled from Goa against the conversion to Christianity by the Portuguese. They will be offering you a Mehendi design workshop in their house. Mehendi has a lot of cultural significance in Indian traditions and is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian marriages. Wave your beautifully designed mehendi hands for a goodbye. And now you know why Kochi is ‘KOCHI’.

  • Transportation by Tuk-tuk for some part
  • English speaking guide for the whole tour
  • Activities as per mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entrances fees
  • A 1meter tea experience
  • All currently applicable taxes
  • The tips given as gratitude( eg: for the Tip box in Dhobi Khana)
Tour Prices starting from USD 36 per pax