Food Trail - Day Excursion

Day Excursion Duration - 3 Hours  |   Location - Madurai   |   Timing - 05.00 PM to 08.00 PM   |  Conveyance - Mostly by foot, rickshaws used on short stretches

Madurai has a lively food scene and a recorded history that spans two millennia. Join us on the food trail and eat your way through some of that history. Every mouthful of its street food will get you an earful of stories - of its people, its culture and way of life.

Madurai is seriously ancient. Its recorded history goes back as far as the 3rd century BC. And from then to now, it seems to have been populated by gourmands. There are written recipes dating back to the time when Jesus walked on earth, and which are followed till date.

In a city that takes its food so seriously, exploring local food is a great starting point for getting acquainted with the city. Madurai street food makes for a perfect backdrop for gossipy stories of the city and the people who came to Madurai – some who came here to make a fortune, some who came to rule and others who just stopped by.

How did the Muslims indulge their fancy for iced drinks in hot, sultry Madurai? WHY should you eat Indian food with your fingers? What are poppy seeds doing in a popular South Indian sweet? Join us on the food trail and taste the best foods in Madurai, as a storyteller dishes out delectable stories of the city, its people and the way of life here.