The traveler today is more than a mere tourist. He is informed, enthusiastic and aware, always seeking new experiences. We salute these individualistic travelers with thematic tours, that are, literally, off the beaten track.

Culinary Tours

The South Indian states are famous for their cuisines, each distinctive with regional differences. The culinary tours will take travellers to stay and participate in tastings across destinations where culinary experts will explain and demonstrate authentic signature dishes.

South India GourmetFoodie in PondyFood Trail, Chennai

Adventure Tours

With its rivers, mountains, hills, beaches and forests, South India is an adventure enthusiast's paradise. Marvel arranges a variety of adventure experiences including Elephant Safari, Boat Cruise, Trekking, Fishing, Angling, Riding, Snorkeling, Wind Surfing, Catamaran Riding, Paragliding, etc

Catch fish@KumarakomSouth India Heritage and Nature Trail

Motor Bike Tour

With miles of highway, hill routes, beach roads and quaint countryside, South India by road is a different experience altogether. Our motorbike tours emphasize on safety and fun.

Vintage Ride Spice Trail

Bicycle Tours

Marvel's bicycle tours are eco friendly ways to explore South Indian destinations. A bicycle can go where no car, bus or train does; you enjoy the freedom to meander where you choose, with the assurance that you are affecting the least harm on the environment. Marvel will customize your bicycle ramble for you as well as give you access to world-class, safety assured cycling gear.

The Bicycle Tours will take you along scenic trails. Tours can be organized on a group or individual basis; with an expedition leader should you require one.

Bicycle Tour - Kerala BackwatersBicycle Tour - Mysore

Photography Tour

Fill your camera lens with Green Tea plantations, Dravidian temples and wildlife-rich jungles during your journey. There is a chance to capture daily life in picturesque villages and shoot portraits of South Indian people. This guided tour, designed for photography enthusiast, is to generate not only photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience in South India.

Women Tour

This trip made by women is for those who like to travel in the company of like-minded women with Cultural and Traditional Experiences.

Women Exclusive Kerala

Cultural Tours

Civilizations in South India date back to ancient times. Rich in music, dance forms drama, literature and mysticism, a cultural voyage of South India is a life-altering experience.

South India Classical Tour Kerala Cultural Tour Muziris Cultural Tour Muziris Biennale Art Walk - Kochi

Temple Tours

In times of yore, the kings of South India outdid each other with the magnificence of their temple architecture. The awe-inspiring gopurams of Tamil temples, the star - shaped temples of the Hoysalas in Karnataka, the utter simplicity of even the grandest of Kerala temples are testament to the central role that these places of worship have held for thousands of years. Our temple tours will put these marvels in their historic and architectural context.

Life around temple

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